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E-Cubed Legacy

Daniel Reid was a brilliant and humble rocket scientist. However, due to his top secret clearance and job, during his working years he was unable to share any specifics of his experience or work programs with his loved ones. 


It wasn’t until after he had retired and decided to write a fictional book he called ECubed that his family and friends could finally start to get a glimpse into his complex world and begin to understand and comprehend his true brilliance and career accomplishments. He did not publish this book while he was still alive.

But after his passing in 2021 due to complications from Parkinson’s Disease, his family post-humously self-published E-Cubed to help share their patriarch’s world with others.

It was tragic to witness how this dreaded disease could slowly but surely steal the mind and life of such a brilliant and caring man and part of his legacy will be in helping others that are experiencing the same difficult circumstances. 

This will be part of his legacy, and all proceeds from E-Cubed will go towards the fight against Parkinson’s Disease in hopes of one day finding a cure.  

About The Book

Step back in time and inside the world of the Cold War and Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union, a world filled with spies, deception, technology, and suspense.

CIA Agent Fred Daniels and his team are on the brink of a major breakthrough that would give America an insurmountable advantage in the Cold War: the ability to directly inject vast amounts of information into their agents’ brains.

But when the first test subject of Daniels’ E-Cubed program – Electronic Experience Enhancement – goes mad, he finds himself the subject of an official inquiry that could ruin his career and shut down the program.

Then the Soviets launch a satellite that will give it supremacy of the space above Earth. The CIA’s foolproof plan for destroying it fails, suggesting there’s a mole who’s sabotaged it and the E-Cubed program.

Fred Daniels realizes that he has no choice – to save his career, his program, and his country, he’ll have to use E-Cubed on himself to determine who is the mole.

If there is one…

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If you like adventure books that have mystery to them, this is for you. It felt like this book took place during the end of the Cold War and was very scientific. Think Jason Bourne before Jason Bourne was even born. All of the details in this book were very amazing, especially the scientific items on launching satellites! A great fun read that you will enjoy!


- Todd Evans


About The Author


Daniel F. Reid enjoyed decades of experience in aeronautics, aerospace, and satellite communications. During retirement, he penned “E-Cubed,” an imaginative tale couched in his over 45 years of experience in the space industry.


He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, and later on assigned to MIT as one of the USAF students preparing to serve in the National Space Program. He was also awarded a Master’s degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics, joined the Office of Aerospace Research where he led several projects supporting our country's early space activities, and rose to the rank of Captain.


In his civilian life, he joined General Electric’s Space Division as an engineer in the Manned Orbiting Laboratory and other military and commercial programs. He performed one of the first hybrid analog and digital simulations and later managed systems engineering groups. Lastly, Daniel served as program director of the DSCS/IABS Communication Satellite Program for ten years.


After passing away in 2020, his family published “E-Cubed” and founded E-Cubed Legacy to continue sharing Daniel’s spirit and heart with all who encounter his legacy while also supporting non-profit organizations that educate and serve families navigating life challenges especially Parkinson’s Disease.


The Cause

Our family wants to continue the E-Cubed Legacy by supporting Parkinson's Disease Charities.

The proceeds of your book purchase go to a Parkinson's Disease charity.

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The Mission

A percentage of our sales goes to a Parkinson's Disease Charity. Thank you for joining us in this support!


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